Fees and disbursements are important to both lawyer and client and are discussed at the earliest possible time.
When you ring to make your first appointment I will quote a fee for the cost of this first meeting.
At this first meeting I will take a history and advise you of your options. If you decide to instruct me as your counsel in an on-going matter I will either quote a fee for the job or an hourly rate.
Disbursements are out of pocket expenses such as; tolls, photocopying, air fares, accommodation, court filing fees and are added to the quoted fees.
We Offer:

I can help you with

Advice: The most valuable service that I offer is advice on how to respond to problems.

Advocacy: Protecting your rights in and out of the Court Room.

Criminal Law: Representation in all types of prosecution (eg Police, Civil Aviation Authority, Customs and other government agencies).

Traffic Law: Representation in drink driving; careless or dangerous or reckless driving and related offences. Limited Licenses ('work licenses').

Relationship Property Law: Advice, planning, contracting out, division of property after separation, applications to the Courts, enforcement of agreements and court orders.

Aviation Law: Advice, advocacy and action (in and out of the courtroom) on all matters relating to your aviation activities.


A fee may be a fixed fee or an hourly rate.


Fixed Fees


A case in which  a fixed fee is appropriate is one where I have a clear understanding of its complexity and the time it will take to resolve. I will quote a fee covering taking instructions, advising, preparing for court and court appearances.


Fixed fees are good for client and lawyer as they give certainty to all concerned. The client knows where he or she is financially and knows that a fixed fee is a powerful incentive for me to resolve matters promptly and to their satisfaction.


Hourly Fees


With complicated and time consuming matters the fee will usually be calculated at a rate per hour times the number of hours it takes to carry out your instructions. Sometimes I can quote or estimate a fee for each stage of the case.


Work which needs to be done urgently may cost more than non-urgent work.




Disbursements are expenses that I incur on your behalf such as copying and printing, court filing fees and travel and accommodation. Disbursements are additional to fees.