I have 38 years of experience of solving relationship property problems. My services cover all aspects of relationship property law from first meeting to final resolution and are tailored to your needs including:

  • First consultation and initial advice
  • Formulating a plan which leads to the best possible resolution
  • Identifying documentation and valuations that are required
  • Negotiating
  • Advising on options at each stage
  • Formulating settlement offers
  • Drafting detailed letters and proposed agreements
  • Advising on settlement offers by the other party and on offers to be made by you
  • Drafting written agreements to settle all or part of the issues
  • Preparing all documents required to start or defend a claim made in the Courts
  • Preparing for trial and advocacy in the Family Court and High Court
  • Implementing orders of the Court
  • Advising on litigation risk and appeals
  • Bringing or defending appeals.


I am the author of this book, which is designed to save clients legal fees by explaining the essentials of the law and practice. It equips the client to interact with me in a cost effective way.

How to Solve Relationship Property Problems in New Zealand: A Practical Guide


(56 pages - RainShadow Press 2015)


A FREE pamphlet about relationship property is available HERE